passion flower maypop passiflora incarnata insomnia nervoussnesspassion flower maypop passiflora incarnata insomnia nervoussnesspassion flower bottle label
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passion flower bottle label

Origin and Introduction:
Passion Flower, whose genus name is passiflora, is a naturally grown medicinal herb, most commonly used for the relief of occasional sleeplessness. It is also used for occasional simple nervous tension, anxiety or restlessness.

Passion flower is also known as maypop. It is a woody vine with flowers which reminded early pilgrims of the passion or suffering of Christ. The plant produces small berry-like fruit called granadilla or water lemon. The aerial parts of the plant are gathered during fruiting season and then dried for future processing.

The plant is indigenous to an area from the southeast U.S. to Argentina and Brazil.

Occasional simple nervous tension.

There are no reported side effects for passion flower and the suggested dosages. However, it is not recommended for use in pregnant women or children under the age of two. If already taking a sedative or tranquilizer, consult a health care professional before using passion flower.

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Bottle of 100, 360mg capsules - $5.99, 3 bottles @ $15.00, 12 @ $48.00

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Passion Flower as low as $3.75 per bottle in quantities of 12.Call for details.
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Chipped $1.15/lb. qty of 1000lbs or more
Ground tea bag grade $1.25/lb. qty of 1000lbs or more
Capsule grade ground 1-100 lbs $1.75/lb
101-999 $1.50/lb
1000+ $1.35/lb
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The Saw Palmetto Harvesting Company ships baled or ground Passion Flower (passiflora incarnata) to dietary supplemental manufacturers around the world.

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